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The Book of Beanie Babies
The Book of Beanie Babies: A System for Cataloging and Collecting Beanie Babies

Lynn D. Wilson, Lee Dralle and Lynn Dralle; Ringbound
The Book of Ty Beanie Babies is simply the best way to organize your Beanie Baby collection. This first release has a full color 8.5 x 5.5 inch page for each 1997 retired Beanie Baby and the 1998 Beanies up to the new introductions of May 30. Watch for our updater set of the fourteen new Beanies! The back of each page has the Beanie's poem and important dates as well as spaces to record important information about your own Beanie. Our system uses a three-ring binder with dividers so you can sort the Beanies any way you like; by what you have, what you want, retireds, current, type of animal, etc. This Beanie book will never be outdated!
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Beyond the Book of Beanie Babies: An Extra Binder for Cataloging Your Collection of Beanie Babies
The Book of Beanie Babies May 1998 Set: Supplement
The Book of Beanie Babies September 1998 Set: Supplement
The Book of Beanie Babies Retired Set: Supplement
The Book of Beanie Babies Teenie Beanie Set With Clubby: Supplement
Collectors Value Guide Ty Beanie Babies
Collectors Value Guide Ty Beanie Babies: Collector Handbook and Price Guide Winter 1999

Jeff Mahoney (Editor); Paperback
If you need to keep up with Ty Inc.'s Beanie Babies, then this is the handbook for you! Our seasonal updates are bursting with the latest information and secondary market values for the fastest-growing collectible in the country. The Value Guide has it all - giant color pictures of the entire collection including Teenie Beanies, variations, tag information, and the top ten most valuable Beanie Babies. This season's Value Guide also offers sections on Beanie Buddies, Sports Promotion Beanie Babies, and a Beanie Babies Collectors' Checklist.
The Beanie Baby Handbook
The Beanie Baby Handbook

Les Fox, Sue Fox, and Jeanette Long; Paperback;
Contains full page color photos of all NEW Beanie Babies, and includes photos and current values for all 200 Beanie Babies. This edition includes 52 fabulous recipes from the authors and Beanie Chef Jeanette Long. Both previous editions have been on the New York Times Bestseller List, as well as on the USA Today Bestseller List. There are over 3 million copies of The Beanie Baby Handbook in print!
The Beanie Family Album and Collector's Guide
The Beanie Family Album and Collector's Guide

Shawn Brecka; Paperback
This book covers all Ty-manufactured Beanie Babies, along with many other beanie lines, such as the Disney Mini Bean Bags, Gund, cereal premiums, Puffkins, Coca-Cola and more! There are photos of all beanies, release dates, descriptions of variations and colors and current values. It's a full-color book and includes an overview of the history of beanies, why they are so popular, beanies as an investment and a forecast for the future.
Beanie Mania: A Comprehensive Collector's Guide
Beanie Mania: A Comprehensive Collector's Guide

Becky Phillips and Becky Estenssoro, George Burns (Photographer); Paperback
An excellent reference guide that's for beginners and serious collectors alike!
The Beanie Encyclopedia
The Beanie Encyclopedia: A Complete Unofficial Guide to Collecting Beanie Babies

Susan S. Carey, Ryan M. Carey, and Tara L. Carey; Paperback
This comprehensive book received Amazon's customers' highest, 5-star rating!

Dawna Foucht, Tiffany Foucht and Rachel Cook; Paperback & CD-ROM
This new title comes highly recommended by collectors and webmasters alike! Truly a must-have book.
Greenbook Guide to Ty Beanie Babies
Greenbook Guide to Ty Beanie Babies


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