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Photo Name
Magic Magic
A White Dragon
September 5, 1995
Magic the Dragon lives in a dream
The most beautiful that you have ever seen
Through magic lands she like to fly
Look up and watch her, way up high!
Rover Rover
A Red Dog
May 30, 1996
This dog is red and his name is Rover
If you call him he is sure to come over
He barks and plays with all his might
But worry not, he won't bite!
Velvet Velvet
A Black Panther
December 16, 1995
Velvet loves to sleep in the trees
Lulled to dreams by the bees
She snoozes all day and plays all night
Running and jumping in the moonlight!
Bones Bones
A Brown Dog
January 18, 1993
Bones is a dog that loves to chew
Chairs and tables and a smelly old shoe
"You're so destructive" all would shout
But that all stopped, when his teeth fell out!
Sly Sly
A Brown Fox
September 12, 1996
Sly is a fox and tricky is he
Please don't chase him, let him be
If you want him, just say when
He'll peek out from his den!
Wrinkles Wrinkles
A Brown Bulldog
May 1, 1996
This little dog is named Wrinkles
His nose is soft and often crinkles
Likes to climb up on your lap
He's a cheery sort of chap!
Twigs Twigs
An Orange Giraffe
May 19, 1995
Twigs has his head in the clouds
He stands tall, he stands proud
With legs so skinny they wobble and shake
What an unusual friend he will make!
Ally Ally
A Green Alligator
March 14, 1994
When Ally gets out classes
He wears a hat and dark glasses
He plays bass in a street band
He's the coolest gator in the land!
Flash Flash
A Grey Dolphin
May 13, 1993
You know dolphins are the smartest breed
Well Flash the Dolphin knows how to read
She's teaching her friend Splash to read too
So maybe one day they can both read to you
Ziggy Ziggy
A Black and White Striped Zebra
December 24, 1995
Ziggy likes soccer - he's a referee
That way he watches the games for free
The other Beanies don't think it's fair
But Ziggy the Zebra doesn't care
Speedy Speedy
A Green Turtle
August 14, 1994
Speedy ran marathons in the past
Such a shame, always last
Now Speedy is a big star
After he bought a racing car
Freckles Freckles
A White and Orange Spotted Leopard
July 28, 1996
From the trees he hunts his prey
In the night and in the day
He's the king of camouflage
Look real close, he's no mirage!
Derby Derby
A Brown Horse
September 16, 1995
All the other horses use to tattle
Because Derby never wore his saddle
He left the stables, and the horses too
Just so Derby can be with you!
Squealer Squealer
A Pink Pig
April 23, 1993
Squealer likes to joke around
He is known as class clown
Listen to his stories for a while
There is no doubt he will make you smile!
Fleece Fleece
A White Sheep
March 21, 1996
Fleece would like to sing a lullaby
But please be patient, she's rather shy
When you sleep, keep her by your ear
Her song will leave you nothing to fear
Valentino Valentino
A White Bear with a Heart on His Chest
February 14, 1994
His heart is red and full of love
He cares for you so give him a hug
Keep him close when feeling blue
Feel the love he has for you
Inch Inch
A Multi-Colored Worm
September 2, 1995
Inch the worm is a friend of mine
He goes so slow all the time
Inching around from here to there
Traveling the world without a care
Crunch Crunch
A Grey Shark
January 13, 1996
What's for breakfast? What's for lunch?
Yum! Delicious! Munch, munch, munch!
He's eating everything by the bunch
That's the reason we named him Crunch!
Ears Ears
A Brown Rabbit
April 18, 1995
He's been eating carrots so long
Didn't understand what was wrong
Couldn't see the board during classes
Until the doctor gave him glasses!
Spooky Spooky
A White Ghost
October 31, 1995
Ghosts can be a scary sight
But don't let Spooky bring you any fright
Because when you're alone, you will see
The best friend that Spooky can be!
Floppity Floppity
A Lavender Rabbit
May 28, 1996
Floppity hops from here to there
Searching for eggs without a care
Lavender coat from head to toe
All dressed up and nowhere to go!
Pinky Pinky
A Pink Flamingo
February 13, 1995
Pinky loves the Everglades
From the hottest pink she's made
With floppy legs and big orange beak
She's the Beanie that you seek!
Pouch Pouch
A Brown Kangaroo
November 6, 1996
My little pouch is handy I've found
It helps me carry my baby around
I hop up and down without any fear
Knowing my baby is safe and near.
Digger Digger
A Red Crab
August 23, 1993
Digging in the sand and walking sideways
That's how Digger spends her days
Hard on the outside but sweet deep inside
Basking in the sun, riding the tide!
Lizzy Lizzy
A Blue, Black, and Yellow Lizard
May 11, 1995
Lizzy loves Legs the frog
She hides with him under logs
Both of them search for flies
Underneath the clear blue skies!
Ringo Ringo
A Brown Raccoon.
July 14, 1995
Ringo hides behind his mask
he will come out, if you should ask
He loves to chitter, he loves to chatter
Just about anything, it doesn't matter!
Zip Zip
A Black Cat with White Paws
March 28, 1993
Keep Zip by your side all the day through
Zip is good luck, you'll see it's true
When you have something you need to do
Zip will always believe in you!
Scottie Scottie
A Black Scottish Terrier
June 3, 1996
Scottie is a freindly sort
Even though his legs are short
He is always happy as can be
His best freinds are you and me!
Blackie Blackie
A Black Bear
July 15, 1994
Living in a national park
He only played after dark
Then he met his friend Cubbie
Now they play when it's sunny!
Seamore Seamore
A White Seal
December 14, 1996
Seamore is a little white seal
Fish and clams are her favorite meal
Playing and laughing in the sand
She's the happiest seal in the land!
Lefty Lefty
A Grey Donkey with an American Flag
July 4, 1996
Donkeys to the left, elephants to the right
Often seems like a crazy sight
This whole game seems very funny
Until you realize they're spending your money!
Tusk Tusk
A Brown Walrus
September 18, 1995
Tusk brushes his teeth everyday
To keep them shiny, it's the only way
Teeth are special, so you must try
And they will sparkle when you say "Hi"!
Mel Mel
A Grey Koala Bear
January 15, 1996
How do you name a Koala bear?
It's rather tough, I do declare!
It confuses me, I get into a funk
I'll name him Mel, after my favorite hunk!
Coral Coral
A Multi-Colored Fish
March 2, 1995
Coral is beautiful, as you know
Made of colors in the rainbow
Whether it's pink, yellow or blue
These colors were chosen just for you!
Legs Legs
A Green Frog
April 25, 1993
Legs lives in a hollow log
Legs likes to play leap frog
If you like to hang out at the lake
Legs will be the new friend you make!
Pinchers Pinchers
A Red Lobster
June 19, 1993
This lobster loves to pinch
Eating his food inch by inch
Balancing carefully with his tail
Moving forward slow as a snail!
Lucky Lucky
A Red and Black Ladybug
May 1, 1995
Lucky the lady bug loves the lotto
"Someone must win" that's her motto
But save your dimes and even a penny
Don't spend on the lotto and you'll have many!
Gracie Gracie
A White Swan
June 17, 1996
As a duckling, she was confused
Birds on the lake were quite amused.
Poking fun until she would cry,
Now the most beautiful swan at Ty!
Patti Patti
A Purple Platypus
January 6, 1993
Ran into Patti one day while walking
Believe me she wouldn't stop talking!
Listened and listened to her speak
That would explain her extra large beak!
Doby Doby
A Doberman Dog
October 9, 1996
This dog is little but he has might
Keep him close when you sleep at night
He lays around with nothing to do
Until he sees its time to protect you!
Snort Snort
A Red Bull
May 15, 1995
Although Snort is not so tall
He loves to play basketball
He is a star player in his dreams
Can you guess his favorite team?
Curly Curly
A Curly-Haired Brown Bear
April 12, 1996
A bear so cute with hair that's curly
You will love and want him surely
To this bear always be true
He will be a friend to you!
Snip Snip
A White Siamese Cat
October 22, 1996
Snip the cat is Siamese
She'll be your friend if you please
So toss her a toy or a piece of string
Playing with you is her favorite thing!
Nuts Nuts
A Brown Squirrel
January 21, 1996
With his bushy tail, he'll scamper up a tree
The most cheerful critter you'll ever see
He's nuts about nuts, and loves to chat
Have you ever seen a squirrel like that?
Bernie Bernie
A Saint Bernard Dog
October 3, 1996
This little dog can't wait to grow
To rescue people lost in the snow
Don't let him out - keep him on your shelf
He doesn't know how to rescue himself!
Flip Flip
A White Cat
February 28, 1995
Flip the cat is an acrobat
She loves playing on her mat
This cat flips with such grace and flair
She can somersault in mid-air!
Teddy Teddy
A Brown Bear
November 28, 1995
Teddy wanted to go out today
All of his friends went out to play
But he'd rather help whatever you do
After all, his best friend is you!
Inky Inky
A Pink Octopus
November 29, 1994
Inky's head is big and round
As he swims he makes no sound
If you need a hand, don't hesitate
Inky can help because he has eight!
Spike Spike
A Grey Rhinoceros
August 13, 1996
Spike the rhino loves to stampede
He's the bruiser that you need
Gentle to birds on his back and spike
You can be his friend if you like!
Grunt Grunt
A Red Razorback
July 19, 1995
Some Beanies think Grunt is tough
No surprise, he's scary enough
But if you take him home you'll see
Grunt is the sweetest Beanie Baby!
Congo Congo
A Black Monkey
November 9, 1996
Black as night and fierce is he
On the ground or in a tree
Strong and mighty as the Congo
He's related to our friend Bongo!
Daisy Daisy
A Black Cow
May 10, 1994
Daisy drinks milk each night
So her coat is shiny and bright
Milk is good for your hair and skin
What a way for your day to begin!
Manny Manny
A Grey Manatee
June 8, 1995
Manny is sometimes called a sea cow
She likes to twirl and likes to bow
Manny sure is glad you bought her
Because it's so lonely underwater!
Scoop Scoop
A Grey Pelican
July 1, 1996
All day long he scoops up fish
To fill his bill, is his wish
Diving fast and diving low
Hoping those fish are very slow!
Waddle Waddle
A Black and White Penguin
December 19, 1995
Waddle the Penguin likes to dress up
Every night he wears his tux
When Waddle walks, it never fails
He always trips over his tails!
Peanut Peanut
A Blue Elephant
January 25, 1995
Peanut the elephant walks on tip-toes
Quietly sneaking wherever she goes
She'll sneak up on you and a hug you will get
Peanut is a friend you won't soon forget!
Hoppity Hoppity
A Pink Rabbit
April 3, 1996
Hopscotch is what she likes to play
If you don't join in, she'll hop away
So play a game if you have the time
She likes to play, rain or shine!
Hippity Hippity
A Mint Green Rabbit
June 1, 1996
Hippity is a cute little bunny
Dressed in green, he looks quite funny
Twitching his nose in the air
Sniffing a flower here and there!
Cubbie Cubbie
A Brown Bear Cub
November 14, 1993
Cubbie used to eat crackers and honey
And what happened to him was funny
He was stung by fourteen bees
Now Cubbie eats broccoli and cheese
Stripes Stripes
A Tan and Black Striped Tiger
June 11, 1995
Stripes was never fierce nor strong
So with tigers, he didn't get along
Jungle life was hard getting by
So he came to his friends at Ty!
Teenie Pinky Teenie Pinky
A Pink Flamingo
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Chops Teenie Chops
A White Sheep
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Seamore Teenie Seamore
A White Seal
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Goldie Teenie Goldie
A Goldfish
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Sparky Sparky
A Dalmation
February 27, 1996
Sparky rides proud on the fire truck
Ringing the bell and pushing his luck
He gets under foot when trying to help
He often gets stepped on and lets out a yelp!
Bongo Bongo
A Brown Monkey
August 17, 1995
Bongo the monkey lives in a tree
The happiest monkey you'll ever see
In his spare time he plays the guitar
One of these days he will be a big star!
Stinky Stinky
A Black and White Skunk
February 13, 1995
Deep in the woods he lived in a cave
Perfume and mints were the gifts they gave
He showered every night in the kitchen sink
Hoping one day he wouldn't stink!
Teenie Snort Teenie Snort
A Red Bull
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Chocolate Chocolate
A Brown Moose
April 27, 1993
Licorice, gum and peppermint candy
This moose always has these handy
But there is one more thing he likes to eat
Can you guess his favorite sweet?
Hoot Hoot
A Brown Owl
August 9, 1995
Late to bed, late to rise
Nevertheless, Hoot's qutie [sic] wise
Studies by candlelight, nothing new
Like a president, do you know Whooo?
Spot Spot
A White Dog
January 3, 1993
See Spot sprint, see Spot run
You and Spot can have lots of fun
Watch out now, because he's not slow
Just stand back and watch him go!
Nip Nip
A Tan Cat
March 3, 1994
His name is Nipper, but we call him Nip
His best friend is a black cat named Zip
Nip likes to run in races for fun
He runs so fast he's always number one!
Teenie Lizz Teenie Lizz
A Green Lizard
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Chocolate Teenie Chocolate
A Brown Moose
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Quacks Teenie Quacks
A Yellow Duck
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Bucky Bucky
A Brown Beaver
June 8, 1995
His teeth are as shiny as can be
Often used for cutting trees
He hides in his dam night and day
Maybe for you he will come out and play!
Garcia Garcia
A Multi-Colored Bear
August 1, 1995
The Beanies use to follow him around
Because Garcia traveled from town to town
He's pretty popular as you can see
Some even say he's legendary
Radar Radar
A Black Bat
October 30, 1995
Radar the bat flies late at night
He can soar to an amazing height
If you see something as high as a star
Take a good look, it might be Radar!
Teenie Patti Teenie Patti
A Purple Platypus
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Speedy Teenie Speedy
A Green Turtle
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Quackers Quackers
A Yellow Duck
April 19, 1994
There is a duck by the name of Quackers
Every night he eats animal crackers
He swims in a lake that's clear and blue
But he'll come to the shore to be with you!
Happy Happy
A Purple Hippo
February 25, 1994
Happy the hippo loves to wade
In the river and in the shade
When Happy shoots water out of his snout
You'll know he's happy without a doubt!
Goldie Goldie
An Orange Goldfish
November 14, 1994
She's got rhythm, she's got soul
What more to like in a fish bowl?
Through sound waves Goldie swam
Because this goldfish likes to jam!
Bubbles Bubbles
A Black and Yellow Fish
July 2, 1995
All day long Bubbles likes to swim
She never gets tired of flapping her fins
Bubbles lived in a sea of blue
Now she is ready to come home with you!
Mystic Mystic
A White Unicorn
May 21, 1994
Once upon a time in a land far away
A baby unicorn was born one day in May
Keep Mystic with you she's a prize
You'll see the magic in her blue eyes!
Bessie Bessie
A Brown Cow
June 27, 1995
Bessie the cow likes to dance and sing
Because music is her favorite thing
Every night when you're counting sheep
She'll sing you a song to put you to sleep!
Tank Tank
A Grey Armadillo
February 22, 1995
This armadillo lives in the South
Shoving Tex-Mex in his mouth
He sure loves it south of the border
Keeping his friends in good order!
Seaweed Seaweed
A Brown Otter
March 19, 1996
Seaweed is what she likes to eat
It's supposed to be a delicious treat
Have you tried the treat from the water
If you haven't, maybe you "otter"!
Weenie Weenie
A Brown Dachsund
July 20, 1995
Weenie the dog is quite a sight
Long of body and short of height
He perches himself high on a log
And considers himself to be top dog!
Blizzard Blizzard
A White Tiger
December 12, 1996
In the mountains, where it's snowy and cold
Lives a beautiful tiger, I've been told
Black and white, she's hard to compare
Of all the tigers, she is most rare!
Echo Echo
A Grey Dolphin
December 21, 1996
Echo the dolphin lives in the sea
Playing with her friends, like you and me
Through the waves she echos the sound
"I'm so glad to have you around!"
Splash Splash
A Black-and-White Orca Whale
July 8, 1993
Splash loves to jump and dive
He's the fastest whale alive
He always wins the 100 yard dash
With a victory jump he'll make a splash!
Kiwi Kiwi
A Multi-Colored Toucan
September 16, 1995
Kiwi waits for April showers
Watching a garden bloom with flowers
There trees grow with fruit that's sweet
I'm sure you'll guess his favorite treat!
Doodle Doodle
A Pink Rooster
March 8, 1996
Listen closely to "cock-a-doodle-doo"
What's the rooster saying to you?
Hurry, wake up sleepy head
We have lots to do, get out of bed!
Dotty Dotty
A Dalmation
October 17, 1996
The Beanies all thought it was a big joke
While writing her tag, their ink pens broke
She got in the way, and got all spotty
So now the Beanies call her Dotty!
Tuffy Tuffy
A Brown Dog
October 12, 1996
Taking off with a thunderous blast
Tuffy rides him motorcycle fast
The Beanies roll with laughs & squeals
He never took off his training wheels!
Baldy Baldy
A Bald Eagle
February 17, 1996
Hair on his head is quite scant
We suggest Baldy get a transplant
Watching over the land of the free
Hair in his eyes would make it hard to see!
Roary Roary
A Brown Lion
February 20, 1996
Deep in the jungle they crowned him king
But being brave is not his thing
A cowardly lion some may say
He hears his roar and runs away!
Waves Waves
A Black Whale
December 8, 1996
Join him today on the Internet
Don't be afraid to get your feet wet
He taught all the Beanies how to surf
Our web page is his home turf!
Pugsly Pugsly
A Pug Dog
May 2, 1996
Pugsley is picky about what he will wear
Never a spot, a stain or a tear
Image is something of which he'll gloat
Until he noticed his wrinkled coat!
Claude Claude
A Multi-Colored Crab
September 3, 1996
Claude the crab paints by the sea
A famous artist he hopes to be
But the tide came in and his paints fell
Now his art is on his shell!
Spinner Spinner
A Black Spider
October 28, 1996
Does this spider make you scared?
Among many people that feeling is shared
Remember spiders have feelings too
In fact, this spider really likes you!
Batty Batty
A Purplish-Brown Bat
October 29, 1996
Bats may make some people jitter
Please don't be scared of this critter
If you're lonely or have nothing to do
This Beanie Baby would love to hug you!
Chip Chip
A Black, Gold, Brown and White Cat
January 26, 1996
Black and gold, brown and white
The shades of her coat are quite a sight
At mixing her colors she was a master
On anyone else it would be a disaster!
Jolly Jolly
A Brown Walrus
December 2, 1996
Jolly the walrus is not very serious
He laughs and laughs until he's delirious
He often reminds me of my dad
Always happy, never sad!
Nanook Nanook
A Grey Husky Dog
November 21, 1996
Nanook is a dog that loves cold weather
To him a sled is light as a feather
Over the snow and through the slush
He runs at hearing the cry of "mush"!
Righty Righty
A Grey Elephant with an American Flag
July 4, 1996
Donkeys to the left, elephants to the right
Often seems like a crazy sight
This whole game seems very funny
Until you realize they're spending your money!
Peace Peace
A Multi-Colored Bear with a Peace Sign
February 1, 1996
All races, all colors, under the sun
Join hands together and have some fun
Dance to the music, rock and roll is the sound
Symbols of peace and love abound!
Snowball Snowball
A White Snowman
December 22, 1996
There is a snowman, I've been told
That plays with Beanies out in the cold
What is better in a winter wonderland
Than a Beanie snowman in your hand!
1997 Teddy 1997 Teddy
A Brown Teddy Bear with a Santa Hat
December 25, 1996
Beanie Babies are special no doubt
All filled with love - inside and out
Wishes for fun times filled with joy
Ty's holiday teddy is a magical toy!
Strut Strut
A Pink Rooster
March 8, 1996
Listen closely to "cock-a-doodle-doo"
What's the rooster saying to you?
Hurry, wake up sleepy head
We have lots to do, get out of bed!
Gobbles Gobbles
A Brown, Red, and White Turkey
November 27, 1996
Gobbles the turkey loves to eat
Once a year she has a feast
I have a secret I'd like to divulge
If she eats too much her tummy will bulge!
Hissy Hissy
A Green and Yellow Snake
April 4, 1997
Curled and coiled and ready to play
He waits for you patiently every day
He'll keep his best friend, but not his skin
And stay with you through thick and thin!
Smoochy Smoochy
A Green and Yellow Frog
October 1, 1997
Is he a frog or maybe a prince?
This confusion makes him wince
Find the answer, help him with this
Be the one to give him a kiss!
Pounce Pounce
A Brown Cat
August 28, 1997
Sneaking and slinking down the hall
To pounce upon a fluffy yarn ball
Under the tables, around the chairs
Through the rooms and down the stairs!
Stretch Stretch
A Brown Ostrich
September 21, 1997
She thinks when her head is underground
The rest of her body can't be found
The Beanie Babies think it's absurd
To play hide and seek with this bird!
Spunky Spunky
A Brown Cocker Spaniel
January 14, 1997
Bouncing aruond without much grace
To jump on your lap or lick your face
But watch him closely, he has no fears
He'll run so fast, he'll trip over his ears!
Bruno Bruno
A Brown and White Dog
September 9, 1997
Bruno the dog thinks he's a brute
But all the other Beanies think he's cute
He growls at his tail and runs in a ring
And everyone says, "Oh how darling"!
Rainbow Rainbow
A Multi-colored Chameleon
October 14, 1997
Red, green, blue, and yellow
This chameleon is a colorful fellow
A blend of colors, his own unique hue
Rainbow was made especially for you!
Iggy Iggy
A Multi-colored Iguana
August 12, 1997
Sitting on a rock, basking in the sun
Is this Iguana's idea of fun
Towel and glasses, book and beach chair
His life is so perfect without a care!
Prance Prance
A Striped Grey Cat
November 20, 1997
She darts around and swats the air
Then looks confused when nothing's there
Pick her up and pet her soft fur
Listen closely, and you'll hear her purr!
Puffer Puffer
A Puffin
October 14, 1997
What in the world does a puffin do?
We're sure that you would like to know too
We asked Puffer how she spends her days
Before she answered, she flew away!
Teenie Bones Teenie Bones
A Brown Dog
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Bongo Teenie Bongo
A Brown Monkey
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Doby Teenie Doby
A Doberman Dog
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Happy Teenie Happy
A Purple Hippo
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Inch Teenie Inch
A Multi-Colored Worm
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Mel Teenie Mel
A Grey Koala Bear
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Peanut Teenie Peanut
A Blue Elephant
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Pinchers Teenie Pinchers
A Red Lobster
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Scoop Teenie Scoop
A Grey Pelican
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Twigs Teenie Twigs
An Orange Giraffe
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Waddle Teenie Waddle
A Black and White Penguin
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Zip Teenie Zip
A Black Cat with White Paws
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Ants Ants
An Grey Anteater
November 7, 1997
Most anteaters love to eat bugs
But this little fellow gives big hugs
He'd rather dine on apple pie
Than eat an ant or harm a fly!
Princess Princess
A Purple Bear
No Birthdate
Like an angel, she came from heaven above
She shared her compassion, her pain, her love
She only stayed with us long enough to teach
The world to share, to give, to reach.
KuKu KuKu
A White Cockateil
January 5, 1997
This fancy bird loves to converse
He talkes in poems, rhymes and verse
So take him home and give him some time
You'll be surprised how he can rhyme!
Jake Jake
A Duck
April 16, 1997
Jake the drake likes to splash in a puddle
Take him home and give him a cuddle
Quack, Quack, Quack, he will say
He's so glad you're here to play!
GiGi GiGi
A Black Poodle
April 7, 1997
Prancing and dancing all down the street
Thinking her hairdo is oh so neat
Always so careful in the wind and rain
She's a dog that is anything but plain!
Rocket Rocket
A Blue Jay
March 12, 1997
Rocket is the fastest blue jay ever
He flies in all sorts of weather
Aerial tricks are his specialty
He's so entertaining for you and me!
Erin Erin
An Emerald Green Bear
March 17, 1997
Named after the beautiful Emerald Isle
This Beanie Baby will make you smile,
A bit of luck, a pot of gold,
Light up the faces, both young and old!
Stinger Stinger
A Purple Scorpion
September 29, 1997
Stinger the scorpion will run and dart
But this little fellow is really all heart
So if you see him don't run away
Say hello and ask him to play!
Early Early
A Red-Breasted Robin
March 20, 1997
Early is a red breasted robin
For a worm he'll soon be bobbin'
Always known as a sign of spring
This happy robin loves to sing!
Jabber Jabber
A Colorful Parrot
October 10, 1997
Teaching Jabber to move his beak
A large vocabulary he now can speak
Jabber will repeat what you say
Teach him a new word everyday!
Fetch Fetch
A Golden Retriever
February 4, 1997
Fetch is alert at the crack of dawn
Walking through dewdrops on the lawn
Always golden, loyal and true
This little puppy is the one for you!
Whisper Whisper
A Brown Deer
April 5, 1997
She's very shy as you can see
When she hides behind a tree
With big brown eyes and soft to touch
This little fawn will love you so much!
Glory Glory
A Red, White, and Blue Bear
July 4, 1997
Wearing the flag for all to see
Symbol of freedon for you and me
Red white and blue - Independance Day
Happy Birthday USA!
Canyon Canyon
A Gray Cougar
May 29, 1998
I climb rocks and run really fast
Try to catch me, it's a blast
Through the mountains, I used to roam
Now in your room, I'll call it home!
Tracker Tracker
A Brown and White Basset Hound
June 5, 1997
Sniffing and tracking and following trails
Tracker the basset always wags his tail
It doesn't matter what you do
He's always happy when he's with you!
Loosy Loosy
A White Goose
March 29, 1998
A tale has been told
Of a goose that laid gold
But try as she might
Loosy's eggs are just white!
Roam Roam
A Brown Bison
September 27, 1998
Once roaming wild on the American land
Tall and strong, woolly and grand
So rare and special is this guy
Find him quickly, he's quite a buy!
Beak Beak
A Brown Kiwi Bird
February 3, 1998
Isn't this just the funniest bird?
When we saw her, we said "how absurd"
Looks aren't everything, this we know
Her love for you, she's sure to show!
Halo Halo
A White Bear
August 31, 1998
When you sleep, I'm always here
Don't be afraid, I am near
Watching over you with lots of love
Your guardian angel from up above!
Scorch Scorch
A Dragon
July 31, 1998
A magical mystery with glowing wings
Made by wizards and other things
Known to breathe fire with lots of smoke
Scorch is really a friendy ol' bloke!
Fortune Fortune
A Black and White Panda Bear
December 6, 1997
Nibling on a bamboo tree
This little panda is hard to see
You're so lucky with this one you found
Only a few are still around!
Scat Scat
A Brown Kitten
May 27, 1998
Newborn kittens require lots of sleep
Shhh...its naptime, don't make a peep
Touch her fur, it feels like silk
Wake her up to drink mother's milk!
Prickles Prickles
A Brown Hedgehog (Porcupine)
February 19, 1998
Prickles the hedgehog loves to play
She rolls around the meadow all day
tucking under her feet and head
Suddenly she looks like a ball instead!
Almond Almond
A Light Brown Bear
April 14, 1999
Leaving her den in early spring
So very hungry, she'll eat anything
Nuts, fruits, berries, and fish
Mixed together make a great dish!
Slippery Slippery
A Gray Seal
January 17, 1998
In the ocean, near a breaking wave
Slippery the seal acts very brave
On his surfboard, he sees a swell
He's riding the wave! Oooops...he fell!
Mooch Mooch
A Black Monkey
August 1, 1998
Look in the treetops, up towards the sky
Swinging from branches way up high
Tempt him with a banana or fruit
When he's hungry, he acts so cute!
Butch Butch
A Black and White Dog
October 2, 1998
Going to the pet shop to buy dog food
I ran into butch in a good mood
"Come to the pet shop down the street"
"Be a good dog, I'll buy you a treat!"
Amber Amber
A Tan Cat
February 21, 1999
Sleeping all day and up all night
Waiting to pounce and give you a fright
She means no harm, just playing a game
She's very lovable and quite tame!
Hope Hope
A Praying Bear
March 23, 1998
Every night when it's time for bed
Fold your hands and bow your head
An angelic face, a heart that's true
You have a friend to pray with you!
Ewey Ewey
A White Lamb
March 1, 1998
Needles and yarn, ewey loves to knit
Making sweaters with perfect fit
Happy to make one for you and me
Showing off hers, for all to see!
Tiny Tiny
A Light Brown Chihuahua
September 8, 1998
South of the border, in the sun
The tiny Chihuahua is having fun
Attending fiestas, breaking piņatas
Eating a taco, or some enchiladas!
Sammy Sammy
A Yellow Bear
June 23, 1998
As Sammy steps up to the plate
The crowd gets excited, can hardly wait
We know Sammy won't let us down
He makes us the happiest fans in town!
Goochy Goochy
A Purple Jellyfish
November 18, 1998
Swirl, swish, squirm and wiggle
Listen closely, hear him giggle
The most ticklish jellyfish you'll ever meet
Even though he has no feet!
Goatee Goatee
A Brown Goat
November 4, 1998
Though she's hungry, she's in a good mood
Searching through garbage, tin cans for food
Got Goatee the goat, it's not a big deal
Anything at all makes a fine meal!
Teenie Smoochy Teenie Smoochy
A Green Frog
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Nuts Teenie Nuts
A Brown Squirrel
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Antsy Teenie Antsy
A Brown Anteater
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Iggy Teenie Iggy
A Green Iguana
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Freckles Teenie Freckles
A White and Orange Leopard
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Glory Teenie Glory
A Red, White and Blue Bear
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Nook Teenie 'Nook
A Gray and White Husky Dog
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Brittania Teenie Brittania
A Brown Bear with a Union Jack
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Strut Teenie Strut
An Orange and Red Rooster
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Spunky Teenie Spunky
A Brown Cocker Spaniel Dog
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Stretchy Teenie Stretchy
A Brown Ostrich
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Rocket Teenie Rocket
A Blue Jay
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Chip Teenie Chip
A Calico Cat
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Erin Teenie Erin
A Kelly Green Bear
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Maple Teenie Maple
A White Bear with a Maple Leaf
A McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
Eggbert Eggbert
A Yellow Chick in an Eggshell
April 10, 1998
Cracking her shell taking a peek
Look, she's playing hide and seek
Ready or not, here I come
Take me home and have some fun!
Pumkin' Pumkin'
An Orange Pumpkin
October 31, 1998
Ghost and goblins are out tonight
Witches try hard to cause fright
This little pumpkin is very sweet
He only wants to trick or treat!
Nibbler Nibbler
An Light Brown Rabbit
April 6, 1998
Twitching her nose, she looks so sweet
Small in size, she's very petite
Soft and furry, hopping with grace
She'll visit your garden, her favorite place!
Hippie Hippie
A Tie-Dye Rabbit
May 4, 1998
Hippie fell into the dye, they say
While coloring eggs, one spring day
From the tips of his ears, down to his toes
Colors of springtime, he proudly shows!
Wise Wise
A Brown Owl
May 31, 1997
Wise is at the head of the class
With A's and B's he'll always pass
He's got his diploma and feels really great
Meet the newest graduste: Class of '98!
Kicks Kicks
A Light Green Bear with a Soccer Ball
August 16, 1998
The world cup is his dream
Kicks the bear is the best on his team
He hopes that one day he'll be the pick
First he needs to improve his kick!
No picture yet! Clubby II
A Purplish Bear
March 9, 1999
A proud club member named, Clubby II
My color is special, a purplish hue
Take me along to your favorite place
Carry me in my platinum case!
Valentina Valentina
A Magenta Bear with a White Heart
February 14, 1998
Flowers, candy and hearts galore
Sweet words of love for those you adore
With this bear comes love that's true
On Vanentine's day and all year through!
Mac Mac
A Red Cardinal
June 10, 1998
Mac tries hard to prove he's best
Swinging his bat harder than the rest
Breaking records, enjoying the game
Hitting home runs is his claim to fame!
Silver Silver
A Silver-Gray Cat
February 11, 1999
Curled up, sleeping in the sun
He's worn out from having fun
Chasing dust specks in the sunrays
This is how he spends his days!
Wiser Wiser
A Gray Owl
June 4, 1999
Waking daily to the morning sun
Learning makes school so much fun
Looking great and feeling fine
The newest graduate, "Class of '99!"
Millenium Millenium
A Purple Bear
January 1, 1999
A brand new century has come to call
Health and happiness to one and all
Bring on the fireworks and all the fun
Let's keep the party going 'til 2001!
Spangle Spangle
A Red, White, and Blue Bear
June 14, 1999
Stars and stripes he wears proudly
Everywhere he goes he says loudly
"Hip hip hooray, for the land of the free
There's no place on earth I'd rather be!"
Paul Paul
A Brown Walrus
February 23, 1999
Traveling the ocean in a submarine
Singing and playing a tambourine
One day hoping to lead a band
First he needs to find dry land!
Swirly Swirly
A Rainbow-Colored Snail
February 23, 1999
Carefully traveling, leaving a trail
I'm not very fast, for I am a snail
Although I go my own plodding pace
Slow and steady, wins the race!
Neon Neon
A Tie-Dye Seahorse
April 1, 1999
Born in shallow water in a sea grass bay
Their eyes can swivel and look every way
Walk down the beach on a bright sunny day
Jump into the sea and watch them play!
Pecan Pecan
A Golden-Brown Bear
April 15, 1999
In late fall, as wind gusts blow
Pecan hibernates before winter snow
In early spring, sweet scent of a flower
Wakes her up to take a shower!
Cheeks Cheeks
A Brown Baboon
May 18, 1999
Don't confuse me with an ape
I have a most unusual shape
My cheeks are round and ty-dyed red
On my behind as well as my head!
Osito Osito
A Brown Bear with a Mexican Flag
February 5, 1999
Across the waters of the Rio Grande
Lies a beautiful and mystic land
A place we all should plan to go
Known by all as Mexico!
Schweetheart Schweetheart
A Brown Orangutan
January 23, 1999
Of all the jungles filled with vines
Traveling about, you came to mine
Because of all the things you said
I can't seem to get you outta my head!
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
A Brown Koala Bear
April 28, 1999
Koalas climb with grace and ease
To the top branches of the trees
Sleeping by day in a gentle breeze
Feeding at night on two pounds of leaves!
Knuckles Knuckles
A Pink Pig
March 25, 1999
In the kitchen working hard
Using ingredients from the yard
No one will eat it, can you guess why?
Her favorite recipe is for mud pie!
Fuzz Fuzz
The Brown Fuzzy Bear
July 23, 1998
Look closely at this handsome bear
His texture is really quite rare.
With golden highlights in his hair
He has class, style and flair!
Nibbly Nibbly
The Brown Rabbit
May 07, 1998
Wonderful ways to spend a day
Bright and sunny in the month of May
Hopping around as trees sway
Looking for friends, out to play!
Slowpoke Slowpoke
The Brown Sloth
May 20, 1999
Look up in the sky to the top of the tree
What in the world is that you see?
A little sloth as sweet as can be
Munching on leaves very slowly!
Bushy Bushy
The Yellow Lion
January 27, 2000
I won't roar - I'll purr instead
So always pat me on the head
A cuddly kitten I promise to be
If you'll come over and play with me!
Morrie Morrie
The Green Moray Eel
February 20, 2000
Over, under, upside and down
Morrie loves to swim all around
He looks like a snake - could be a fish
To be your best friend is his only wish!
Sarge Sarge
The German Shepherd Dog
February 14, 2000
I defend you, so count on me
To stay by your side, that's where I'll be
Protect and serve is what I do
For just a little hug from you!
Swoop Swoop
The Multi Colored Pterodactyl
February 24, 2000
Gliding through the summer sky
Looking low and looking high
Now I think my quest can end
I've found you, my special friend!
Glow Glow
The Multi Colored Lightning Bug
January 04, 2000
To find me when you want to play
Look for my light to guide the way
I'll be the brightest in the park
I'm the Beanie that glows in the dark!
Stilts Stilts
The White Stork
June 16, 1998
Flying high over mountains and streams
Fulfilling wishes, hopes and dreams
The stork brings parents bundles of joy
The greatest gift, a girl or boy!
Wiggly Wiggly
The Pink Squid
January 25, 2000
Under the sea I travel with ease
I flip and flop - do whatever I please
Being a squid can be lots of fun
Because I swim faster than anyone!
Lips Lips
The Multi Colored Fish
March 15, 1999
Did you ever see a fish like me?
I'm the most colorful in the sea
Traveling with friends in a school
Swimming all day is really cool!
Chipper Chipper
The Brown Chipmunk
April 21, 1999
I'm quick, I'm fast, I don't make a peep
But I love to snuggle when I sleep
Take me along when you go play
And I'll make sure you have a nice day!
Sheets Sheets
The White Ghost
October 31, 1999
Living alone in a haunted house
Friend to the spider, bat and mouse
Often heard, but never seen
Waiting to wish you "Happy Halloween!"
Honks Honks
The Gray Goose
March 11, 1999
Honks the goose likes to fly away
South for Winter he will stay
When Spring comes back, North he will fly
And swim in ponds and lakes nearby!
1999SignatureBear 1999 Signature Bear
The Brown Bear
No Birthday
No poem
Rufus Rufus
The Brown Dog
February 28, 2000
Smart and friendly as can be
I'm really cute as you can see
Play with me, we'll have some fun
Throw a ball and watch me run!
Wallace Wallace
The Green Bear
January 25, 1999
Castles rise from misty glens
Shielding bands of warrior men
Wearing tartan of their clan
Red, green and a little tan!
Scaly Scaly
The Multi Colored Lizard
February 09, 1999
I love to lie, basking in the sun
Living in the desert sure is fun
Climbing up cactus, avoiding a spike
I'm the Beanie you're sure to like!
Grace Grace
The Yellow Praying Bunny
February 10, 2000
Please watch over me night and day
When I sleep and when I pray
Keep me safe from up above
With special blessings of your love!
Flitter Flitter
The Purple And Pink Butterfly
June 02, 1999
I did not know what I was to be
Covered in fuzz, it was hard to see
Now a butterfly, what a beautiful sight
On silken wings I take to flight!
TheEnd TheEnd
The Black Bear
No Birthday
All good things come to an end
It's been fun for everyone
Peace and hope are never gone
Love you all and say, "So long!"
Groovy Groovy
The Tie Dyed Bear
January 10, 1999
Wearing colors of the rainbow
Making good friends wherever I go
Take me with you, don't let me stay
I need your love all night and day!
BBBear B. B. Bear
The Tie Dyed Birthday Bear
No Birthday
This birthday Beanie was made for you
Hope your wishes and dreams come true
Be happy today and tomorrow too
Let's all celebrate the whole year through!
Luke Luke
The Black Labrador
June 15, 1998
After chewing on your favorite shoes
Luke gets tired, takes a snooze
Who wouldn't love a puppy like this?
Give him a hug, he'll give you a kiss!
1999HolidayTeddy 1999 Holiday Teddy
The Blue Bear
December 25, 1999
Peace on Earth as the holidays grow near
The season is all about giving good cheer
With love and joy in your hearts
Let's all be friends as the century starts!
Zero Zero
The Black And White Holiday Penguin
January 02, 1998
Penguins love the ice and snow
Playing in weather twenty below
Antarctica is where I love to be
Splashing in the cold, cold sea!
Ty2K Ty 2K
The Bear With Confetti All Over Him
January 01, 2000 Red, yellow, green and blue
Let's have some fun me and you
So join the party, and let's all say
"Happy New Millennium" from Ty 2K!
Wisest Wisest
Class Of '00 Owl
June 06, 2000
I always try to do my best
And study hard for all my tests
Now it's time to celebrate
Because at last I graduate!
Scurry Scurry
The Multi Colored Beetle
January 18, 2000
I play in the cellar with all of my friends
We laugh, we sing, the fun never ends
I hurry and scurry and hide most of the day
But if you come down, I'll stay out and play!
1998HolidayTeddy 1998HolidayTeddy
The White, Holly Covered Holiday Bear
December 25, 1998
Dressed in his PJ's, and ready for bed
Hugs given, good nights said
This little Beanie will stay close at night
Ready for a hug at first morning light!
Swampy Swampy
The Green Aligator
January 24, 2000
Through the murky swamps I glide
My yellow eyes I try to hide
I drift as silent as a log
A friend to you and every frog!
Cheezer Cheezer
The White Mouse
May 09, 2000
I hide in holes throughout the day
But when night falls I want to play
I sneak around and look for cheese
So be my friend and help my please!
Runner Runner
The Brown Mustelidae
May 25, 2000
A ferret, mongoose, weasel or mink
What am I...what do you think?
Find a book, look and see
I'm whatever you want me to be!
Squirmy Squirmy
The Green Worm
April 13, 2000
I can't sit still, it's just too hard
I roll and wiggle in the yard
They try to tell me not to squirm
But I can't help it, I'm a worm!

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