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Magic (Retired) A White Dragon September 5, 1995
Rover (Retired) A Red Dog May 30, 1996
Velvet (Retired) A Black Panther December 16, 1995
Bones (Retired) A Brown Dog January 18, 1993
Sly A Brown Fox September 12, 1996
Wrinkles A Brown Bulldog May 1, 1996
Twigs (Retired) An Orange Giraffe May 19, 1995
Ally (Retired) A Green Alligator March 14, 1994
Flash (Retired) A Grey Dolphin May 13, 1993
Ziggy (Retired) A Black and White Striped Zebra December 24, 1995
Speedy (Retired) A Green Turtle August 14, 1994
Freckles A White and Orange Spotted Leopard July 28, 1996
Derby A Brown Horse September 16, 1995
Squealer (Retired) A Pink Pig April 23, 1993
Fleece A White Sheep March 21, 1996
Valentino A White Bear with a Heart on His Chest February 14, 1994
Inch (Retired) A Multi-Colored Worm September 2, 1995
Crunch A Grey Shark January 13, 1996
Ears (Retired) A Brown Rabbit April 18, 1995
Spooky (Retired) A White Ghost October 31, 1995
Floppity (Retired) A Lavender Rabbit May 28, 1996
Pinky A Pink Flamingo February 13, 1995
Pouch A Brown Kangaroo November 6, 1996
Digger (Retired) A Red Crab August 23, 1993
Lizzy (Retired) A Blue, Black, and Yellow Lizard May 11, 1995
Ringo A Brown Raccoon July 14, 1995
Zip (Retired) A Black Cat with White Paws March 28, 1993
Scottie (Retired) A Black Scottish Terrier June 3, 1996
Blackie A Black Bear July 15, 1994
Seamore (Retired) A White Seal December 14, 1996
Lefty (Retired) A Grey Donkey with an American Flag July 4, 1996
Tusk (Retired) A Brown Walrus September 18, 1995
Mel A Grey Koala Bear January 15, 1996
Coral (Retired) A Multi-Colored Fish March 2, 1995
Legs (Retired) A Green Frog April 25, 1993
Pinchers (Retired) A Red Lobster June 19, 1993
Lucky (Retired) A Red and Black Ladybug May 1, 1995
Gracie (Retired) A White Swan June 17, 1996
Patti (Retired) A Purple Platypus January 6, 1993
Doby A Doberman Dog October 9, 1996
Snort A Red Bull May 15, 1995
Curly A Curly-Haired Brown Bear April 12, 1996
Snip (Retired) A White Siamese Cat October 22, 1996
Nuts A Brown Squirrel January 21, 1996
Bernie A Saint Bernard Dog October 3, 1996
Flip (Retired) A White Cat February 28, 1995
Teddy (Retired) A Brown Bear November 28, 1995
Inky (Retired) A Pink Octopus November 29, 1994
Spike A Grey Rhinoceros August 13, 1996
Grunt (Retired) A Red Razorback July 19, 1995
Congo A Black Monkey November 9, 1996
Daisy A Black Cow May 10, 1994
Manny (Retired) A Grey Manatee June 8, 1995
Scoop A Grey Pelican July 1, 1996
Waddle (Retired) A Black and White Penguin December 19, 1995
Peanut (Retired) A Blue Elephant January 25, 1995
Hippity (Retired) A Mint Green Rabbit June 1, 1996
Hoppity (Retired) A Pink Rabbit April 3, 1996
Cubbie (Retired) A Brown Bear Cub November 14, 1993
Stripes (Retired) A Tan and Black Striped Tiger June 11, 1995
Teenie Pinky A Pink Flamingo A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Chops A White Lamb A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Seamore A White Seal A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Goldie A Goldfish A Happy Meal Toy
Sparky (Retired) A Dalmation February 27, 1996
Bongo A Brown Monkey August 17, 1995
Stinky A Black and White Skunk February 13, 1995
Teenie Snort A Red Bull A Happy Meal Toy
Chocolate A Brown Moose April 27, 1993
Hoot (Retired) A Brown Owl August 9, 1995
Spot (Retired) A White Dog January 3, 1993
Nip (Retired) A Tan Cat March 6, 1994
Teenie Lizz A Green Lizard A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Chocolate A Brown Moose A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Quacks A Yellow Duck A Happy Meal Toy
Bucky (Retired) A Brown Beaver June 8, 1995
Garcia (Retired) A Mulri-Colored Bear August 1, 1995
Radar (Retired) A Black Bat October 30, 1995
Teenie Patti A Purple Platypus A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Speedy A Green Turtle A Happy Meal Toy
Quackers (Retired) A Yellow Duck April 19, 1994
Happy (Retired) A Purple Hippo February 25, 1994
Goldie (Retired) An Orange Goldfish November 14, 1994
Bubbles (Retired) A Black and Yellow Fish July 2, 1995
Mystic A White Unicorn May 21, 1994
Bessie (Retired) A Brown Cow June 27, 1995
Tank (Retired) A Grey Armadillo February 22, 1995
Seaweed A Brown Otter March 19, 1996
Weenie (Retired) A Brown Dachsund July 20, 1995
Blizzard (Retired) A White Tiger December 12, 1996
Echo (Retired) A Grey Dolphin December 21, 1996
Splash (Retired) A Black and White Orca Whale July 8, 1993
Kiwi (Retired) A Multi-Colored Toucan September 16, 1995
Doodle (Retired) A Pink Rooster March 8, 1996
Dotty A Dalmation October 17, 1996
Tuffy A Brown Dog October 12, 1996
Baldy (Retired) A Bald Eagle February 17, 1996
Roary A Brown Lion February 20, 1996
Waves (Retired) A Black Whale December 8, 1996
Pugsly A Pug Dog May 2, 1996
Claude A Multi-Colored Crab September 3, 1996
Spinner A Black Spider October 28, 1996
Batty A Purplish-Brown Bat October 29, 1996
Chip A Black, Gold, Brown, and White Cat January 26, 1996
Jolly (Retired) A Brown Walrus December 2, 1996
Nanook A Grey Husky Dog November 21, 1996
Righty (Retired) A Grey Elephant with an American Flag July 4, 1996
Peace A Multi-Colored Bear with a Peace Sign February 1, 1996
Snowball (Retired) A White Snowman December 22, 1996
1997 Teddy (Retired) A Brown Teddy Bear with a Santa Hat December 25, 1996
Strut A Pink Rooster March 8, 1996
Gobbles A Brown, Red, and White Turkey November 27, 1996
Hissy A Green and Yellow Snake April 4, 1997
Smoochy A Green and Yellow Frog October 1, 1997
Pounce A Brown Cat August 28, 1997
Stretch A Brown Ostrich September 21, 1997
Spunky A Brown Cocker Spaniel January 14, 1997
Bruno A Brown and White Dog September 9, 1997
Rainbow A Multi-colored Chameleon October 14, 1997
Iggy A Multi-colored Iguana August 12, 1997
Prance A Striped Grey Cat November 20, 1997
Puffer A Puffin October 14, 1997
Teenie Bones A Brown Dog A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Bongo A Brown Monkey A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Doby A Doberman Dog A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Happy A Purple Hippo A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Inch A Multi-Colored Worm A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Mel A Grey Koala Bear A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Peanut A Blue Elephant A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Pinchers A Red Lobster A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Scoop A Grey Pelican A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Twigs An Orange Giraffe A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Waddle A Black and White Penguin A Happy Meal Toy
Teenie Zip A Black Cat with White Paws A Happy Meal Toy
Ants A Grey Anteater November 7, 1997
Princess A Purple Bear No Birthdate
KuKu A White Cockateil January 5, 1997
Jake A Duck April 16, 1997
GiGi A Black Poodle April 7, 1997
Rocket A Blue Jay March 12, 1997
Erin An Emerald Green Bear March 17, 1997
Stinger A Purple Scorpion September 29, 1997
Early A Red-Breasted Robin March 20, 1997
Jabber A Colorful Parrot October 10, 1997
Fetch A Golden Retriever February 4, 1997
Whisper A Brown Deer April 5, 1997
Glory A Red, White, and Blue Bear July 4, 1997
Canyon A Gray Cougar May 29, 1998
Tracker A Brown and White Basset Hound June 5, 1997
Loosy A White Goose March 29, 1998
Roam A Brown Bison September 27, 1998
Beak A Brown Kiwi Bird October 10, 1997
Halo A White Bear August 31, 1998
Scorch A Dragon July 31, 1998
Fortune A Black and White Panda Bear December 6, 1997
Scat A Brown Kitten May 27, 1998
Scat A Brown Hedgehog (Porcupine) February 19, 1998

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